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The Art of Gilding

Gilding is an art of applying gold to the surface of wood, paper, stucco, glass, metals, textile and leather. Gold, this precious metal has fascinated humans in all ages. Gold represents spiritual transcendental light and expresses divine intelligence.

The love of Gold is exemplified since ages which have inspired resplendent domes, mosaics, icons and architecture-each embellished with the excellence of gold. Gold is more significant for its expression of power to suggest richness and splendour. The glittering luster and permanence is base of gilding technique.

The gilding process has changed little since the days of Greeks and modern gilding method is little more then refinements in tools and materials.

The History

Elite has patronized the Art of Gilding since antiquity. Pharos of Egypt passioned this incredible art from the Sumerians of Babylon. Pyramids and Hanging Gardens, the known legendary world wonders where pure gold is intensely used for its embellishment. The scintillating brilliance of gold in Pyramids for thousands of years is a continuing result of the art of Gilding.