Welcome to iPhoneGILT.com!

We provide customization of iPhones with genuine 24K Gold for an amazing price of just $199.

Each iPhone is individually handcrafted, and no two phones are alike.

The iPhone can be painted or embossed with any image, name, family crest or corporate logo.

A luxurious faux leather, velvet lined gift case along with a Certificate of Authenticity is included with every custom order.

The Gold and underlying layers are around 1mm thick, scratch proof and smudge resistant. It will never go dull… guaranteed! Also, you will not need a phone case anymore.

The workmanship is guaranteed for two years if the phone is used under normal conditions.

We have been customizing iPhones since the launch of iPhone 4S. Have a look at our iPhone webpage here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Floral design on iPhone Gilded with 24k Gold Leaf

Mandala on iPhone Gilded with 24K Gold Leaf

Certificate of Authenticity and gift case