Learn to embellish an iPhone with 24K Gold in this series of workshops. These workshops are designed for people from all walks of life with no prior experience or knowledge of the gilding arts. The course commences with focus to basics however an aptitude for DIY will be advantageous. The participants will learn various gilding techniques and will be able to apply these techniques to embellish an iPhone.  As the course progresses the participants will be able to identify methods to gild just about any object with 24K Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold.

The framework of this course is divided into three workshops. This gives participants lee-way to practice and retrospect between consecutive workshops.

Workshop 1.
Date: TBA.
Sunday 2pm-5pm (including breaks)

In this workshop we go through each step in the process of Gold Gilding. At the end of this course you will be able to carry home an iPhone case embellished with 24K Gold.

Course content:
– The art of gilding.
– The history.
– Oil gilding vs water gilding.
– Tools of gilding.
– Understanding paints & Gold Size.
– Understanding various substrates.
– Handling & cutting a genuine Gold Leaf.
– Surface preparation.
– Application of gold.
– Curing.

Workshop 2
Date: TBA.
Sunday 2pm-5pm (including breaks)

The emphasis in this workshop is on application of 24K Gold on the iPhone rather then the process of gilding. This makes Workshop 1 a prerequisite for this workshop.

Course content:
– Gold Plating vs Gold Gilding
– Preparing an iPhone for Gilding.
– Tools and contraptions.
– Surface preparation.
– Methods to obtain a natural or a mirror finish.
– Gilding on buttons, sim tray and camera area.

Workshop 3

Date: TBA.
Sunday 2pm-6pm (including breaks)

This workshop covers advance techniques to enhance the appearance of the iPhone and make it commercially viable.

Course content:
– Engraving/Debossing text and design on the surface of gold.
– Painting and adding color to the surface
– Preserving and scratch proofing of the surface
– Polishing of the surface


Why this course?
Gilding is a dying art form. This course is an attempt to bridge a traditional art form to modern times.

Why an iPhone?
iPhone is one of the most popular product to be gold plated. It is also one of the toughest substrate to embellish with gold. This course will equip you to gild just about any luxury gadget.

What is the difference between Gold Plating and Gold Gilding?
Gold Plating is an industrial process which involves use of acids and toxic chemicals. Gold Gilding on the other hand is an art form which involves use of everyday paints and glues. Gilding with precaution is safe in a home environment.

Will I need to bring any tools or materials to the workshop?
Participants will have to purchase a $130 kit with which you can gild two to three regular sized iPhones. (not the larger Max variant).

How many participants will be in each workshop?
There will be no more then 10 participants in every workshop. When will the dates for the workshops announced?
The workshops are scheduled for Spring 2022. Dates will announced in due course.