Purogold… Where Everything that Glitters is Gold!


Be it Domes, Canopies, gigantic columns or the splendorous interiors of the palaces of Kings and Queens, Purogold has the workforce and the capacity to do it all.


Egyptian pharos were the innovators of gilded furniture. Furniture with a coating of gold provides the bias for luxury of a resident. The high profile gilded furniture of palaces and luxury mansions remains as a distinctive factor of reflecting aristocracy and royal dignity.



Stairs focuses the ambience of any living area and its banisters adds to the beauty of the whole structure. The gold gilding of banisters redefines the décor of the area



The ceilings reflects the luxuriant attitude of the residents. The worlds greatest artist preferred to convert ceilings into art marvels.

The brilliance of gold was always added to further adore the beauty of the ceiling décor.


Tiles & Surfaces

The decorated walls of palaces and exclusive villas highlights lavish ambience of the place. Walls exhibit the splendor and vivacious taste of its residents. The baroque ornamented designs on walls with exquisite fusion of pure gold provide stunning vision to the onlooker.

Ceramic tiles are age-old substitutes of wall coverings. The royal baths and spas adopted gilded tiles with 24 carat gold to enhance the ornate luxury within the area.