Purogold… Where Everything that Glitters is Gold!

The History

Several centuries ago the Pharaohs of Egypt developed a process to embellish their prized objects with Gold. The Kings and Queens during those times enjoyed splendor and luxury unmatched to none other. They were ahead of their times.

The discovery of King Tut’s burial chamber in the Valley of Kings opened a window to their lifestyle.



The Pyramids have been a manifestation of human ingenuity, endurance and the will to make the impossible possible. Nothing much has changed since those times.

Gold has always been a symbol of royalty, prestige and abundance. The Amber Room at Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg is another example of the Golden splendor the visionaries tried to achieve post Renaissance.

The Art of Gilding has not developed much over the centuries. Even today traditional tools and organic substances are used for the process.

The malleability of 24 Carat Gold gives artisans ample ways to be creative with the metal. It can be moulded easily in many forms.

In Gilding gold leaves are used. These leaves are made by beating small pieces of Gold into thin sheets. These leaves are subsequently applied on the substrate to be Gilded.