Purogold… Where Everything that Glitters is Gold!


Be it Domes, Canopies, gigantic columns or the splendorous interiors of the palaces of Kings and Queens, Purogold has the workforce and the capacity to do it all.


The entry gate of a place is a right beginning of the moment of awe to a visitor. The gates represents the fact that how it must be the interior décor. The gates of palaces and villas are unfailingly gilded to give effect of opulence and grandeur.



Gilding technique always beautifies the distinctive signage of the prominent business houses, luxury hotels and personalities.

The gilded signage gives elegant beauty to the place and provides decorum to the environment.



Statues sculptured to perpetuate the memory of great people are unfailingly gilded with magnificence of gold. Statues world over are given grand appearance with the technique of gilding. 24 carat gold gilding lasts for a minimum period of 30 years and will bear all natural and climatic conditions.



The dome is witnessed as an ultimate reflection of the magnanimity of a building along the dimensions of the dome history is recalled and the mission is pronounced. Domes with intricate designs are gilded to give glittering brilliance from the heights to the onlooker from miles away. Gilding of domes with beautiful design motifs is a viewers joy.


Arches & Pillars

The palatial houses are built around arches and pillars to reflect the grandeur and luxury of a mansion. Gilding adds the vibrancy and dazzle to arches and columns.



The beauty of vibrant movement of water is a treat to the eyes. Fountains remains as an indispensable media, which adores the scenario with soothing effect. The gilded fountains are the historic landmarks all over the world. Gold gives a piercing intensity to the surroundings.